Founders of SOUND TITANS, Phil Galanty and Scott Shryack, originally met in 2007 in Long Beach, California. At the time, both had joined a roommate finder website in hopes that they could find their perfect match. When Phil scrolled past a photo of Scott, a potential roommate from the site who was decked out in army garb and a huge beard, he quickly passed him by in search of someone who looked a bit more…normal. Once Phil had exhausted his other options, he decided as a last resort he would meet Scott. Once face-to-face, Phil learned Scott was both a soldier who served in Afghanistan and a very talented musician. Phil was also a musician and the two hit it off, likewise taking home a very important lesson—never judge a potential roommate by his scary headshot—or then again, maybe these two were just really lucky. The two immediately began writing and performing together, only to realize that their seamlessly endless range of musical ability enabled the duo to create more genres and styles of music than they ever thought possible. Cheers to a serendipitous music match made in heaven.



After writing and producing tons of music together with what ultimately became their full band, Phil and Scott began to gain music placements for their songs in the television and film world. They realized that as much as they loved performing, the two were excellent songwriters and producers as well. They formed SOUND TITANS to allow themselves to continue creating a unique and extensive library of compositions for all multimedia projects. They have since expanded their team and have capabilities across the board—allowing them to produce a slew of original content in a very timely fashion. Today, SOUND TITAN’S library spans across all different genres—from hip hop to classical, blues to bluegrass, pop to electronic and everything in between. The team also houses singer-songwriters, producers, beat-makers and all types of musicians so that the group as a whole can cater to specific clients who need unique sounds and original compositions. The SOUND TITANS pride themselves on being extremely hard working and ensuring their clients are able to take away a product they are proud of.


• Original custom compositions for TV/Film/Ad/Game/Web/Etc.
• Original compositions from the SOUND TITAN library
• Mixing/Mastering/Audio Engineering
• Original songs—both instrumental and lyrical
• Voiceovers