• When you or your company is deciding whether a customized composition is the way to go for your projects or just simply finding a stock track from a licensing library, keep in mind that you want the very best!! You want your project to be memorable, unique, original and exciting. When you cut corners and settle for a song or track that may not quite meet your exact criteria, you could end up regretting that you had an opportunity to make it perfect and you passed.

    Please consider your options

    Most licensing libraries have crafted extremely great ways to search for the music you're looking for. From mood, to genre, length, and BPM, but what they can't offer you is an opportunity to work directly with the artist who created that music to make tweaks specific for your project. While sometimes you may be able to find a simple track that works close enough for your project, investing in a customized composition is going to provide more distinctness and accuracy for you. A customized composition give you exactly what you need. It's your creation, the only difference is you're working with someone better suited to bring your vision to life.

    Consider the Possibilities

    The biggest appeal of a licensing library is the ease at which you can search, download, and implement the available tracks. Or at least that's what they want you to think. What most companies don't know is that the tracks offered on most licensing libraries have been submitted by musicians who don't know any better. We, as musicians, are constantly being bombarded by companies who claim to have the key to our success. What they're really doing is lining their pockets with our hard work, and paying us next to nothing for their use. Do you truly believe that you or your company is going to find the best suited track for your project using this method? Wouldn't you love to work with a musician who is focusing their skill set on what you need? Just something to think about when making your decision.

    De-Bunking the myth that 'custom' is too complicated

    I know some of you may be thinking to yourself that picking a song or track out of a library is just so much easier. You're thinking, "it's just too complicated to explain what I want" or "I don't want this to take too long, I need this done now." Let me assure you, if you're working with the right people you'll never worry about your timeline or whether someone can interpret your instruction correctly. Sound Titans prides itself on it's ability to decipher it's client's needs and write and deliver exactly what the client is looking for within hours. With an "on-standby" approach to each project, a client can expect immediate action on request.

    Examining customized compositions

    The sound you get from a customized composition will not only be tailored to your needs, but it will also adhere to the best-known composition practices. Imagine having a song appropriately structured to match your vision--or expertly optimized content, instrumentation and effects to seamlessly blend with your project. All of this is possible with a customized composition from Sound Titans. The support to bring your vision to life is there and the benefits received with a custom composition cannot be underestimated.

    Benefits of a custom composition:
    1) Unique and distinct sound
    2) A professional team of musicians and composers will construct your track so that it meets your requirements.
    3) Your customized track will be more adaptable to your project needs. You won't have to settle for features you don't want, or sacrifice modifications to a track that you think would be beneficial.
    4) A custom designed composition can be modified and updated over time to meet the changing needs of your project.

    When you want distinctive, unique, and professional custom compositions, don't think twice. Contact SOUND TITANS today for a customized composition quote.